CSSC Guangxi Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Gains Order for 6+2 8,500 DWT General Cargo Vessels

On October 19, CSSC Guangxi Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. together with China Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd. (CSTC) signed a contract with Italian MANISA CHARTERING SRL for the construction of bulk general cargo vessels, meanwhile, a design contract was signed with Marine Design and Consulting AS of Norway. This is the largest export order undertaken by Guangxi Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Qinzhou base since it started shipbuilding business in 2020.

The orders are for a total of 8 vessels, including 4 confirmed vessels in force, 2 two-way optional vessels in force, and 2 intended vessels. The vessel has an overall length of 119.9 meters, a beam of 17 meters, a depth of 9.3 meters, a design draught of 6.5 meters, a maximum draught of 7 meters, a design speed of 13.2 knots, a maximum deadweight tonnage of 8,500 tons, and is classed by the Italian Classification Society (RINA).

The new vessel features excellent economic performance and efficient loading and operation performance. Compared with the current vessels of the same tonnage class and type, this type of vessel saves about 40% of fuel consumption, reduces about 80% of NOx emissions, and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions; it can be connected to shore power during berthing and parking to solve the demand for electricity; and it meets the requirements of Tier III emissions and EEDI Stage 2.

It is understood that MANISA CHARTERING SRL is a well-known Italian shipping company. The company focuses on 7,000 tons to 15,000 tons of bulk carriers shipping and management, routes throughout the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea and other areas.MANISA fleet currently has 19 ships, accounting for the proportion of the same type of operating vessels in Europe for 20% -30%. In order to meet the latest environmental norms and carbon emission requirements, MANISA plans to gradually renew its existing vessels through newbuilding, so as to improve the company’s comprehensive competitiveness.

Shipbuilding is the major business of CSSC Guangxi Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering. In the past two years, Guangxi Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering gives full play to the technical advantages of small and medium-sized shipbuilding and brand influence, and constantly increases the development of new ship types and batch ship types, and successively undertakes orders for the construction of bulk carriers, multipurpose ships, barge platforms, container ships, automobile ro-ro ships and other civilian ships. Up to present, the company’s hand-held shipbuilding orders have been scheduled to the end of 2026.

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