CMHI Haimen shipyard to start construction of large LNG carriers

On October 12, CMHI Haimen shipyard invited experts from China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd, CCS, ABS etc. to review the construction contract of 180,000 cbm large-scale LNG carriers signed last year.

The project team of LNG carrier of CMHI Haimen shipyard gave a comprehensive introduction of the design status, infrastructure construction, process documents, supply chain, tools and fixtures, personnel training and other aspects of the vessel. After evaluation, the expert group unanimously agreed that the shipyard has met the requirements for the commencement of construction.

This means that CMHI Haimen shipyard has reached the standard required by the industry in hardware and software preparation for the construction of large-scale LNG carriers, laying a firm foundation for the smooth construction of this project and subsequent similar projects.

On December 30, 2022, CMHI Haimen shipyard and European shipowners signed a contract for the construction of 4+2+2 180,000 m3 LNG carriers, becoming the fifth shipyard in China to receive a order for a large LNG carriers.

This type of vessel is designed jointly and independently by Deltamarin of Finland, a subsidiary of China Merchants Industry, and CMHI Haimen shipyard, applying GTT MAKR III Flex film type enclosure system, and the first vessel is expected to be delivered at the beginning of 2026.

Earlier in October 2022, the shipyard signed a patent cooperation agreement with GTT of France on the LNG MARK Ⅲ membrane enclosure system, and acquired the qualification to apply the GTT MARK Ⅲ membrane enclosure system for the construction of large LNG carriers, thereby becoming another shipyard in China with the qualification to build large LNG carriers.

Currently, shipyards in China that have started construction of large LNG carriers include Hudong-Zhonghua, Jiangnan Shipbuilding and Dalian Shipbuilding, while CMHI Haimen shipyard may become the fourth shipyard in China to officially start construction of large LNG carriers.

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