China’s first hydrogen-powered vessel completes maiden voyage

China’s first hydrogen-powered vessel, Three Gorges Hydrogen Boat No1, completed its maiden voyage on Wednesday morning in Yichang, Hubei province, marking a breakthrough in the application of hydrogen fuel cell technology in inland waterway vessels.

Compared to traditional fuel-powered ships, the new vessel is expected to save 103 metric tons of fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 343 tons annually.

The three-deck ship is a steel-aluminum composite structure with a length of 49.9 meters and a width of 10.4 meters. It can travel 200 kilometers at one charge.

After delivery, the ship will be used for transportation, inspection, and emergency work in the Three Gorges area.

The maiden voyage marks a substantial step towards the utilization of hydrogen energy along the Yangtze River and signifies a milestone in the green and low-carbon development of inland river transportation.

In recent years, the Chinese government has issued a series of policies, including the Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for the Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-35), which clearly states that hydrogen energy is an important component of the country’s future energy system and a crucial carrier for achieving green and low-carbon transformation.

Three Gorges Hydrogen Boat No1 is jointly developed and constructed by China Yangtze Power under Three Gorges Group, 712 Research Institute of CSSC, CCS, CSDI and Jianglong Shipbuilding (JLBS), and it is the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered vessel classified by CCS in China.

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