AFAI Signs Contract for the Construction of 3 High-Speed SOVs

On October 10th, On October 10th, Afai Southern Shipyard(Panyu Guangzhou) Ltd(AFAI) signed a contract for the construction of three 36-meter service operation vessels (SOVs) of Fujian Offshore Wind O&M Technology Co., LTD.

The signed vessel is 36 meters long, 10.2 meters wide, 1.67 meters design draft, design speed greater than or equal to 23 knots, is a professional all-aluminum catamaran high-speed wind power operation and maintenance vessel with the largest scale currently in China. The ship has been optimized and upgraded, increased the spraying system, increased the crew’s accommodation area, effectively improved the crew’s living environment, and can meet the needs of the staff at sea overnight wind power operation and maintenance ship. Meanwhile, the concept of green environmental protection is fully embodied in these vessels, which is the first professional SOVs equipped with solar photovoltaic system in China, which can provide 500W output power for charging the total battery of the vessel.

The vessel will be mainly used for daily operation, maintenance and monitoring of offshore wind farms, with high safety, comfort, economy and wave resistance, and is equipped with a night vision device, can be fog navigation, night navigation, applicable to a wide range of sea areas. The SOVs is delivered to the main target operating areas for Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and other offshore areas, and can also take into account the other Chinese offshore areas.

It is stated that this series of offshore wind power high-speed service operation vessels will be put into operation in 2024.

AFAI actively implements the national “Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutral” strategies, and has undertaken the construction of a number of international and domestic medium- and high-end aluminum alloy professional crew transfer vessels, and is the earliest to intervene in the field of crew transfer vessels in China, and has undertaken to build the largest number of crew transfer vessels, and the only supplier of high-end aluminum alloy vessels exported to the international market. It crew transfer vessels, has built the largest number of crew transfer vessels, and is the only aluminum alloy ship supplier to export high-end CTVs to international market.

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