CSSC Changxing Shipbuilding Base Phase II Project No. 2 Dockyard Subject is completed

Recently, China Shipbuilding Changxing Shipbuilding Base Phase II Project No. 2 Dockyard Subject is completed, symbolizing that this major project has entered a critical construction stage, and taking a solid step towards the overall goal of completion next year.

The dock basin of the second phase of the Changxing Shipbuilding Base Project is invested and constructed by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding. The project site is located along the south coast of Changxing Island, Shanghai, with an overall construction area of 431.8 hectares and a total investment of 18 billion RMB, and is a major project in Shanghai, which is designed by China Shipbuilding NDRI Engnineering, and constructed by the CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co. Ltd. It is a major project in Shanghai. The first phase of construction covers an area of 214.6 hectares, with a planned investment of 8 billion RMB, and the project mainly includes R&D and design building, hull joint workshop, curved segment assembly and welding workshop, outfitting parts module center, painting workshop, 1# indoor dock, 2# open-air dock, harbor pool, outfitting wharf, etc., with a planned floor area of 460,000 square meters, and the production capacity of building 6 special ships per year.

Dockyard No. 2 project is the most important production facility of Changxing Phase II project, and the main construction includes one dock, eight crane lanes, one general group platform, two sides of the dock mouth berm and two protruding wharves, etc.

Changxing Island, where the project is located, with five large shipyards in total,is one of the largest, most advanced and internationally competitive shipbuilding bases in China, and enjoys the reputation of a world-class marine equipment island.The No.2 docking project and the second phase of the base project, will inject new kinetic energy into the world-class marine equipment island, achieve the leaping enhancement of the core capacity of shipbuilding, and become a new energy level and new highlight of the 14th Five-Year Plan of China Shipbuilding Industry in terms of scientific and technological innovation, transformation and development. It is of great significance to promote the “14th Five-Year Plan” period for Shanghai Changxing to build a world-advanced full-factor industrial base.

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