Fujian Boyang Shipbuilding Industry Successfully Obtained Shipbuilding Qualification Certificate

Recently, Fujian Association of Shipbuilding Industry organized experts to carry out on-site assessment on class II Class I steel general shipbuilding enterprise production conditions of Fujian Boyang Shipbuilding Industry Co.

After carefully reviewing the information, on-site reviewing, listening to the report, questioning and exchanging, the expert group unanimously agreed that Fujian Boyang Shipbuilding Industry passed the assessment of Grade II Class I Steel General Shipbuilding Manufacturing Enterprises.

Meanwhile, the expert group suggests Fujian Boyang to further increase investment, accelerate the implementation of automated production line transformation project, and continuously improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and improve production efficiency. To implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, to ensure safe production.

Founded on December 29, 2017, Fujian Boyang Shipbuilding Industry is a professional marine engineering service enterprise engaged in shipbuilding, ship repair, ship dismantling and reassembling, and sales of accessories and materials. Located in the north of Dongzhou Peninsula of Quanzhou City, Douwei Port Area on the south coast of Meizhou Bay, the company covers an area of about 125 hectares, with a sea area of about 206.4 hectares, and a shoreline length of 3,600 meters.

The company boasts world-class ship repair facilities and equipments, including one dock of 380x80x14.4 meters and one dock of 420x68x14.4 meters, which can provide repair services for the largest ships in the world, as well as more than 1,200 meters of deep-water wharf for ships to berth.

In addition, the company has one electromechanical workshop and one hull workshop, with plasma cutting machines, hydraulic presses, plate rolling machines, all kinds of machining equipment and motor drying equipments, as well as a large-scale chemical cleaning pool and professional supercharger and governor repair workshop.

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