COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) undertakes construction project of new maritime floating wave protection devices

Recently, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (JUST) signed a contract for the construction of maritime floating wave protection devices.

Since 2014, the two sides have cooperated in industry-university-research cooperation, continuously introducing, absorbing and digesting domestic and foreign advanced technical achievements, and enhancing the construction of enterprise management and technical personnel.

This signing of the construction contract for the new floating wave protection devices project has opened the prelude to the cooperation between the two sides in engineering projects, and further promoted the multi-dimensional and all-round cooperation between the two sides.

In recent years, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Zhoushan) has been actively exploring the non-vessel business and exploring new business fields.

Further to the company’s orders for petrochemical oil storage tanks, power station supporting facilities, offshore sub-section fabrication, floating docks, wharf steel structures, etc., a breakthrough was made in the field of offshore scientific research, which further promoted the diversified development of the company’s non-vessel business sectors.

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