CMJL Yangzhou Holds FAT And Delivery Ceremony Of China’s First Methanol Fuel Supply Unit

On June 27, China Merchants Jinling Shipyard in Yangzhou (CMJL Yangzhou) held the factory acceptance test (FAT) and delivery ceremony for the first methanol fuel supply unit.

It is understood that the project was signed in June 2023 and was the first order for a real ship methanol fuel supply unit for a domestic manufacturer at that time. The unit adopts a compact design with a width of only 1.45m, and the system integrates a multi-mode control process with full consideration of the physical and chemical characteristics of methanol. After delivery, the supply unit will be installed on the Stena 2800m methanol-powered ro-ro vessel, where it will undergo further intermodal and functional tests.

With the transformation of global energy structure, clean and efficient alternative energy is getting more and more attention, and methanol fuel, as an alternative energy with potential, has been more and more widely used in the field of marine.

The successful delivery of this methanol fuel supply unit promotes the localization process of marine high-tech equipment and ensures the independent controllability of technology and continuous innovation capability. Moreover, it also demonstrates CMJL Yangzhou’s determination and capability in building a technology-based manufacturing enterprise and promoting the green energy equipment manufacturing industry.

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