CSI Power (Ningdong) delivers China’s first marine high-power medium-speed engine

On May 16th, NL9340, China’s largest inline high-power medium-speed engine independently developed by Ningbo C.S.I. Power & Machinery Group (CSI Power (Ningdong)), was successfully delivered after completing all the assessment tests and being certified by China Classification Society (CCS).

NL9340 high-power medium-speed diesel engine is a continuation of the NL340 series 8-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines that have been applied in the market in large quantities and achieved excellent performance.

It adopts inline four-stroke, supercharged intercooling, high-pressure direct injection in the cylinder, etc. The maximum power can reach 8,000 hp, which can meet the requirements for the use of power in many kinds of ships, such as container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, and engineering ships, and provide strong power for large and medium-sized power stations.

The NL9340 medium-speed engine will be applied to the main propulsion power of international ocean-going vessels, marking another innovative breakthrough for CSI Power (Ningdong) in high-power medium-speed marine engines of its own brand in China.

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