Lixin Shipbuilding cut steel for two vessels and laid keel for another three vessels

On May 14th, Fujian Lixin Ship Engineering (Lixin Shipbuilding) successfully kicked off the construction of two 68m deck carriers built for the UAE owner LIWA SHIP BUILDING L.L.C.

It is reported that the deck carrier has an overall length of 68.0 meters, a beam of 16 meters, a depth of 4.5 meters which is classed by BV.

On May 13th, the 8500DWT cargo ship and two refrigerated processing vessels built by Lixin Shipbuilding entered keel laying stage.

Among them, the 8,500 DWT cargo ship is of single-pulp medium-speed engine cargo ship serving unlimited navigation area. Classed by CCS, the ship has an overall length of 109.80 meters, a beam of 17.60 meters, a depth of 9.20 meters and a deadweight of 8,504.5 tons.

The two refrigerated processing ships are specially designed for Cangnan Ruizhi Aquatic Products Co., LTD and Zhejiang Qianxin Aquatic Products Co., LTD.

Among them, Cangnan Ruizhi’s refrigerated processing vessel has an overall length of 81.8 meters, a width of 15.0 meters and a design draft depth of 4.1 meters. The vessel is equipped with two automatic shrimp processing lines.

Another refrigerated processing vessel built for Zhejiang Qianxin has a length of 68.0 meters, a width of 12.6 meters and a designed draft depth of 4.2 meters. It is also equipped with one fully automatic shrimp processing line.

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