Haoyou Shipbuilding Delivers a multifunctional paving vessel

On January 24th, Zhejiang Haoyou Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. delivered the multifunctional paving vessel” Jiaotong Jianshe No.10″ for CCCC Dredging Group. The vessel is the largest in the world, with the advantages of complete functions, high degree of digitalization and the deepest underwater operation.

It is known that the series of “Jiaotong Jianshe No.9” was successfully delivered on December 27, 2023.

The vessel is 116.60m in overall length, 25.00m in width, 6.30m in depth, 3.50m in design draft, 54m in maximum paving width, 300m in paving length, 1,000m3/hour filling capacity, and 30m in maximum operating water depth. As a single-deck, steel welded and bow-floor type non-motorized multifunctional paving vessel, the vessel is suitable for the construction of cofferdam land-making and water building projects under different environment conditions.

Simultaneously, the vessel is equipped with propeller, which could assist in moving the vessel, navigational aids and emergency avoidance. The vessel features intelligent control by data interaction among the subsystems such as automatic mooring and positioning and mooring control system, paving control system, and mechanical arm filling control system, and multi-party collaborative control to complete the paving works.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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