China’s First Intelligent Auxiliary Boarding System Applied on Real Ship

Recently, the first 40-meter-class aluminum alloy high-performance pilot boat ” Yonggang Yin 01 ” successfully completed the sea trial, which is equipped with the first set of intelligent auxiliary boarding system independently developed by CSSC 704 Research Institute.

As a benchmark of new generation of aluminum alloy pilot boat in China, Yonggang Yin 01 can reach a speed of 28 knots and carry 12 crew members. The intelligent boarding auxiliary system developed by CSSC 704 Research Institute fully meets the requirements for lightweight, integrated and intelligent equipment, and is equipped with active wave compensation, intelligent collision avoidance, intelligent maintenance of safety distance, etc. It is used to assist the boarding between the pilot and the target ship, and its comprehensive performance far exceeds that of the same type of pilot boat.

This system can effectively improve the boarding efficiency while ensuring the safety and reducing the danger of pilot boarding, which provides a solution to the problem of difficult and high danger coefficient of domestic pilot boarding, and has great strategic significance and market prospect.

In addition, the system’s bi-directional travel stroke can cover the requirements of most pilot boats, and the equipment is lightweight enough to meet the needs of small boat installations.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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