GSI Delivers A LNG Dual-Fuel PCTC, With 28 Units on Hand

On January 19, Guangzhou Shipbuilding International (GSI) delivered Vessel No. 3, a 7,000 ceu LNG dual-fuel car carrier (PCTC) built for SFL.

The PCTC measures 200 meters in overall length, 38 meters in width, 8.6 meters in design draft, and 19 knots in design speed. There are 13 decks, which can carry about 7,000 cars, two of which can carry hydrogen-fueled cars. It is designed with LNG/fuel oil dual-fuel propulsion system, and the energy efficiency operation index (EEDI) meets the latest phase III requirements of the IMO, making it an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and highly efficient car carrier.

Up to now, GSI has delivered 3 PCTCs, realizing continuous construction and forming the advantage of batch construction. GSI is holding 28 PCTC orders, which ranks first in the world and keeps leading the PCTC newbuilding market.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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