CSSC 704 Research Institute Wins Bid for Power Propulsion System Integration Project of China’s First Offshore Oilfield Fracturing Vessel

Recently, CSSC 704 Research Institute has successfully awarded the bid for China’s first and the world’s largest offshore oilfield fracking engineering vessel power propulsion system integration project, and the whole vessel will adopt the Close Ring medium-voltage closed-loop electric power system independently researched and developed by 704 Research Institute, and the capacity of the power station will reach 30MW class. This highly integrated, automated, digitalized and intelligent fracturing vessel marks China’s major breakthrough in the field of offshore oilfield fracturing technology and engineering.

With a total length of 99.9 meters, a beam of 22 meters and a depth of 9.9 meters, the ship is designed by Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute (SDARI) and built by Wuhu Shipyard Co. After completion, the vessel will meet the new demands of large-scale fracturing operation in the whole sea area, batch fracturing operation of multiple wells in the sea, as well as gas wells and ultra-deep fracturing operation, and will become the backbone of China’s offshore oilfield fracturing technology and engineering field.

It is worth emphasizing that the closed-loop electric propulsion system provided by the 704 Research Institute is a major highlight for this world’s first integrated and integrated fracking vessel. Benefiting from this system, the ship’s ability to carry out offshore fracking operations has been greatly enhanced. The system adopts an integrated power station design that highly integrates the fracturing equipment with the ship’s power consumption, so that the safety of the ship’s power grid is fully guaranteed.

The power distribution board of the integrated power station is divided into five sections of converging rows, so that in case of the largest single point of failure, the power station of the ship can ensure that four fracturing pumps, one sand mixing device and one mixing device are fully loaded, which effectively ensures the safety of fracturing operation; the system adopts the electric power propulsion Close Ring medium-voltage closed-loop program, so that the number of units on the network can be adjusted in real time according to the load condition of the whole ship’s electric power grid during the ship’s DP operation, which improves the load rate of the engines and units on the network and reduces the fuel consumption. The system adopts the Close Ring medium pressure closed loop program for electric propulsion, which can adjust the number of on-grid units in real time according to the load condition of the whole ship’s power grid during DP operation, increase the load rate of the on-grid engines, reduce fuel consumption and emission, and realize the environmental friendliness of the system.

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