Chongqing Chuandong Shipbuilding Industry Wins Bid for a Stainless Steel Chemical Ship Project

Recently, CSSC Chongqing Chuandong Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. once again won the bidding for the construction project of one 10,000-ton-class stainless steel chemical tanker for Nanjing Yangyang Chemical Transportation & Trading Co. This is also the second new 10,000-ton-class vessel undertaken by the company this year.

The vessel is classed by CCS and under Chinese flag, with an overall length of 119.80 meters, a beam of 19.60 meters, a depth of 11.40 meters and a design draught of 7.30 meters. The ship can carry IMO class II and class III chemicals, the liquid cargo hold is 2205 bi-directional stainless steel, the design density of the full tank is calculated at 1.025t/m3, and the liquid cargo hold is also considered to be partially loaded with liquid cargo of 1.55t/m3.

The vessel is of single low speed engine, single propeller, single deck, stern type. The ship has vertical bow with SDARI S-bow, square transom, semi-suspended flap rudder, and the first floor is a continuous upper deck with bow and transom. The cargo area is double bottomed and double hulled, the engine room area is double bottomed with 6 pairs of liquid cargo holds. The bow is equipped with a bow thruster, and there is a continuous drydeck with a bow floor, a stern floor, and a total of 4 deckhouses on the stern floor.

On November 20, Nanjing Tanker Corporation(NJTC) of China Merchants released the Announcement of Resolutions of the Twenty-third Meeting of the Tenth Board of Directors. The announcement disclosed that the Board of Directors of NJTC agreed that its wholly-owned subsidiary Nanjing Yangyang Chemical Shipping & Trading would invest in the construction of a new 10,000-ton-class stainless steel chemical vessel, with a total project investment of not more than RMB 196 million (including tax).

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