SDARI self-developed and designed roll-on/roll-off vessel “Jianzhen” was launched successfully

On November 15, the third-generation 192-passenger China-Japan ferry Ro-Ro passenger vessel “Jianzhen”, known as the ship of friendship between China and Japan, designed by Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute (SDARI) of CSSC and built by China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Weihai) Co., Ltd.(CMJL) for China-Japan International Ferry Co. Ltd.

The ship is the first passenger ship on the China-Japan line to be independently developed, designed and built by a Chinese shipbuilding enterprises, while the first two generations of the “JianZhen” were developed by Japanese shipbuilding enterprises. The second generation of the “New Jianzhen” currently in operation was put into operation in April 1994, replacing the first generation of the “Jianzhen”, which had been traveling between Shanghai, Osaka and Kobe since 1985.

The third generation “Jianzhen” has an overall length of 167.2 meters, a beam of 25 meters, a passenger capacity of 192, a gross tonnage of about 20,000 tons, a design speed of 21 knots, a container capacity of 334 TEU (reefer 60 TEU), and is classified by CCS.

The contract for the construction of the vessel was signed in August 2022, the keel was laid on the ship’s platform in June 2023, and the vessel is scheduled to be put into operation in June 2024. The vessel will then become the most intelligent and advanced, greenest and most environmentally friendly roll-on/roll-off vessel on the China-Japan line (Shanghai-Osaka/Kobe), which is of great significance for the 50th anniversary of the friendship between Shanghai and Osaka, and for the promotion and facilitation of the economic and trade development as well as cultural exchanges between China and Japan.

Designed by SDARI, “Jianzhen” integrates the concepts of “safety, environmental protection, emission reduction, prevention and control, and intelligence”, and has created several firsts. It is the first passenger-roller ship independently developed by China that meets the breaking requirements of SOLAS 2020 and the requirements for safe return of passenger ships to port; it is also the first passenger-roller ship independently developed by China that meets the requirements of the third phase of the IMO’s EEDI in advance, and applies for the G-ECO (CD30, COM) certificate of the CCS.

It is learned that “Jianzhen” is especially equipped with medium-voltage shore power system and applies for CCS class notation for high-voltage shore power (AMPS) system to realize energy saving and emission reduction during the port call and reduce the pollution to the environment.

In terms of prevention and control, the ship is specially equipped with emergency isolation room, independent air-conditioning system and sewage discharge pipeline system, which can temporarily accommodate people with confirmed or suspected infectious diseases in the event of infectious disease outbreaks and reduce the risk of epidemic spread.

The ship has also built an intelligent integration platform, which realizes centralized management and processing of ship and shore data through satellite communication, 4G/5G and other multi-channel ship and shore communication links, providing an efficient, stable and safe data environment and software operation environment for intelligent energy efficiency management, intelligent cabin and intelligent navigation.

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