HD Hyundai opens Electrification Center

South Korea’s HD Hyundai Group new opened on Monday HD Hyundai Electrification Center at the HD Hyundai Global R&D Center in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province.

The center is a consolidation of electrification research teams that were previously operated separately by affiliates. The new center is directly affiliated with the HD Korea Shipbuilding & offshore Engineering (KSOE) Advanced Research Center.

“Securing electrification capabilities is essential to realizing the vision that will lead the group for the next 50 years,” Vice Chairman of HD Hyundai Chung Ki-sun said in the opening ceremony.

Following the establishment of the center, HD Hyundai plans to lead the development of related technologies, focusing on carbon-free electric propulsion ships and excavators.

Earlier, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. built the Blue Whale, equipped with a self-developed electric propulsion system in May. Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. produced the first domestically built direct-current electric propulsion ship, the Ulsan Taehwa, in November last year.

Furthermore, HD Hyundai is also working on the localization of the electric propulsion system for naval vessels. HD Hyundai Heavy Industries is currently undertaking the basic design for the Korean Next-generation Destroyer (KDDX), incorporating a 25 MW integrated electric propulsion system, marking the first of its kind in Korea.

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