CIMC Enric Launches First Methanol Reforming Skid

On November 1, CIMC Hydrogen Energy Techology, a subsidiary of CIMC Enric, released its first skid-mounted methanol steam reforming hydrogen plant.

Hydrogen energy has gradually become an important way to develop the global energy transition. Methanol, as an ideal carrier for hydrogen storage and a bulk chemical in the market, is characterized by convenient storage and transportation, abundant resources, and a wide range of uses, which significantly reduces the cost of storage and transportation and solves the problem of high cost of integrated hydrogen use at the end.

There are three ways to make hydrogen from methanol in industry: methanol cracking, methanol partial oxidation and methanol water vapor reforming, among which methanol water vapor reforming technology has the highest hydrogen content, reasonable energy utilization, simple process control, easy industrial operation, mature technology, and it is the best choice of hydrogen production from methanol at present. Green methanol has become a globally recognized path to carbon neutrality.

Based on the methanol hydrogen reforming technology route, CIMC Hydrogen Energy Techology adopts skid-mounted design and optimized space layout, which not only features a small footprint and innovative energy saving, but also “small, new and safe” with one-button intelligent control of hydrogen content.

The scale of the device can reach 100-1000Nm³ /h, according to the specific application scenarios, the system can be flexibly designed production scale, process conditions and product specifications. The whole equipment adopts full-process safety and explosion-proof design, realizes fully digital intelligent control system, and realizes self-checking and self-adjustment for abnormal system, which further improves the stability of system operation.

The methanol hydrogen skid launched this time provides an efficient and sustainable solution for hydrogen production, which can fully utilize the storage and transportation advantages of methanol in the field of hydrogen energy. The low storage and transportation cost and safe and controllable operation enable it to realize multi-functional use in different application scenarios, which brings new breakthroughs and opportunities for the development of the hydrogen energy industry and effectively reduces the cost of hydrogen energy application.

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