Wison Offshore & Marines Nantong Base Dock Expansion Project is Nearly Completed

Recently, 2000t×200m shipbuilding gantry crane of Wison Offshore & Marine successfully completed the lifting.

The 2000-ton shipbuilding gantry crane is China’s largest tonnage shipbuilding gantry crane equipment. The whole machine is set up with two upper trolleys, the lifting capacity of 2 × 500 tons (lifting capacity under the hook), a lower trolley, the lifting capacity of 600 tons / 50 tons (lifting capacity under the hook), with a single crane, double hook lifting, three hook lifting, four hook lifting, hull segments of the aerial rollover, etc., and can be operated in multiple working conditions.

It is understood that the dock extension project of Wison Offshore & Marine Nantong base is expected to be completed by the end of November this year. According to the reconstruction plan, the length of the dock will be extended from 290 meters to 370 meters, and a new 2000t×200m shipbuilding gantry crane will be added. Upon completion, Wison Offshore & Marine Nantong base will have the capacity to build more large and super-large vessels.

The whole Nantong base upgrading project consists of four major projects: a new painting workshop, a new SPB tank assembly workshop, a new 2,000t×200m shipbuilding gantry crane, and the expansion of the shipyard. The new painting workshop and the new SPB tank assembly workshop started construction in the second half of 2022. The coating workshop has a total construction area of more than 10,000 square meters, with one sand blasting room and three coating rooms, and the annual coating capacity of Nantong Base will be increased from 500,000 square meters to 1.2 million square meters after the completion of the workshop, which is the first project in the series of upgrading and reconstruction of the Nantong Base onshore. grade SPB tanks. The total construction area of SPB tank total group workshop is more than 25,000 square meters, and it has the capacity to produce 16 sets of 50,000 cubic meters class SPB tanks per year.

Nantong Base is Wison Offshore & Marine’s main floating equipment production and construction base. The expansion of the dock is the most important part of the entire Nantong base renovation project, which is of strategic significance for Wison Offshore & Marine to enhance its strength and upgrade its service capability.

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