Kindon New Energy Technology’s wind energy hydrogen generation system receives RINA ’s certificate of AIP

On October 17th, Kindon New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., an outstanding scientific and technological innovation enterprise in Nantong Innovation Zone, was awarded RINA’s certificate of Approval in Principle for recognition of its Offshore Wind Energy Green Hydrogen Production System, which marks their breakthrough in green hydrogen production.

Kindon New Energy Technology’s director said, “Hydrogen production from offshore wind power is an innovative way to prepare green hydrogen through green electricity, which does not produce carbon dioxide and can effectively reduce pollution to the atmosphere compared to hydrogen production from traditional natural gas. As the next step, Jie Fang New Energy will promote the production of prototypes and program expansion, and expects to complete the engineering demonstration of the whole project in the first quarter of next year, taking an important step from laboratory to offshore practice.”

Luigi Mattara, Operations Director of RINA in China, said, “The offshore wind energy hydrogen production system developed by Jetfang New Energy, which produces hydrogen through electrolysis of water, follows the general trend of decarbonization of green electricity for hydrogen production, and is in line with Classification Society of Italy’s aim to support customers in developing sustainable technologies.”

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