CSSC Jiujiang Company Launches New Clean Energy Dual-fuel Boiler

Recently, a new set of marine methanol dual-fuel boilers independently developed by CSSC Jiujiang Marine Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as “CSSC Jiujiang Company”) was officially released. The product was issued AiP and product certificate by CCS. The marine methanol dual-fuel boilers fill the product and technology gaps in the domestic and international markets and provide the latest thermal energy system solutions for low-carbon shipping.

The product optimizes the burner design technology to form a dual-fuel burner structure that meets the requirements of new clean energy and fuel oil combustion. The highly efficient heat transfer structure is compact and lightweight, realizing enhanced heat exchange in marine boilers and solving the problems of low calorific value and corrosiveness of this new clean energy. At the same time, auxiliary equipment, valves and instrumentation operate stably with good reliability. The product has passed the standard requirement time continuous operation test. Under full load condition, the system runs stably, and the evaporation capacity and thermal efficiency of the new fuel and fuel oil mode meet the requirements. At present, CSSC Jiujiang Company has laid out the research and development of multiple types of this dual-fuel boiler spectrum, and is accelerating the related technical work.

The new clean energy dual-fuel boiler product was self-funded project by CSSC Jiujiang Company. On the basis of in-depth market research, CSSC Jiujiang Company has completed the overall boiler design, sub-system development, boiler system integration and experimental testing in more than two years, and the developed prototype has successfully passed all the experimental tests and has been successfully launched to the market.

As the only marine boiler research and development enterprise of CSSC, Jiujiang Company is committed to the research and development of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly marine boilers and burners, as well as the application of intelligent technology, so as to strengthen and optimize the “boiler and thermal engineering industry”. The burner products cover the field of marine and land use, and the self-developed low-NOx gas burner has been tested to meet the requirements of ultra-low exhaust gas emission, and the performance indexes have reached the international and domestic advanced level.

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