Shipping leaders collaborate in landmark methane abatement technology trial

Major maritime industry players have come together in a collaborative effort to implement Daphne Technology’s groundbreaking SlipPure™ methane abatement solution onto the Angelicoussis Group’s LNG carrier Maran Gas Chios.

With Daphne Technology SA as the technology provider, the project involves the integration of their innovative SlipPure™ system onto a liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier, signifying a significant pilot initiative. Key players within the maritime industry, including Lloyd’s Register (LR) as the independent auditor, Maran Gas Maritime Inc. as the ship operator, Wärtsilä as the engine provider, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited (Shell) in the role of charterer of the vessel and project co-ordinator, have embarked on this joint endeavour to reduce methane emissions.

Daphne Technology’s SlipPure™ solution, which was last year awarded approval in principle from LR, is an after-treatment system that reduces methane emissions of LNG-fuelled engines, socalled methane slip. Methane slip results in increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and groundlevel ozone.

Methane slip has been significantly reduced in modern engines thanks to continuous development of combustion technologies, but remains a challenge in LNG-powered vessels using older engine technologies. Daphne’s SlipPure™ technology allows for the further abatement of methane in exhaust gas to negligible levels and is complementary to Wärtsilä technologies and developments.

This trial, which will see Daphne Technology’s system retrofitted to one of the Wärtsilä 34DF auxiliary engines on board the LNG carrier Maran Gas Chios, will facilitate the technical assessment and system feasibility analysis on SlipPure™ technology, supporting maritime stakeholders involved in the gas sector to de-risk their assets. For the SlipPure™ solution, HAZID and HAZOP workshops have been completed by LR as part of LR’s Risk-Based Certification process.

Daphne Technology’s PureMetrics™ solution will also be installed onboard the Maran Gas Chios throughout the trial period, and LR will handle the dissemination of the data as an independent third-party verifier. PureMetrics™ is an advanced system that directly measures and reports realtime GHG emissions, eliminating the reliance on fuel consumption estimates and ensuring compliance with European Union Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (EU MRV) and International Maritime Organisation Data Collection System (IMO DCS ) regulations. PureMetrics™ was awarded approval in principle from LR in June 2023 at Nor-Shipping.

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