The ice-breaking research vessel “JI DI” Launched Successfully

Recently, the ice-breaking research vessel “JI DI”, designed by Marine Design & Research Institute of China (MARIC) and built by Guangzhou Shipyard International(GSI) for the Beihai Bureau of the Ministry of Natural Resources, officially left the dock.

The ship “Ji DI” has a length of 89 meters, a width of 17.8 meters, a depth of 8.2 meters,having the ability to navigate in unlimited navigation areas worldwide, displacement of 5,600t, voyage of 26,000km, with a single supply to ensure that all 60 people on board can live at sea for more than 80 days.

“JI DI” is a new- generation polar navigation icebreaking research vessel, which has additional markings such as PC6, ACC-POLAR (-30 ℃) and NOISE 2. The ship has a docking period of takes 55, and the hull was made in 23 days.

As a comprehensive research vessel with low underwater radiation noise, “JI DI” vessel is of great significance for improving China’s early warning and monitoring level of sea ice disasters, enhancing China’s comprehensive marine investigation capabilities to respond to global climate change, which will also play an important role in promoting national polar strategies including the construction of the “Ice Silk Road”.

During the design and construction process, this ship fully drew on the experience of the “Xuelong” and “Xuelong 2”, reflecting the ship design concept of being small and exquisite, small and beautiful, as well as small and unique.

The biggest highlight of the “JI DI” ice-breaking research vessel is its localization and unmanned operation. The integrated scientific research model of “space—sky—sea—ice—submarine” has provided a broader exploration space to scientists.

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