China’s first multifunctional offshore wind power vessel, “Haifeng 3001”, was successfully delivered after a major renovation project

On November 8, the major renovation project of “Haifeng 3001”, a multifunctional Offshore Wind Service Operation Vessels repaired by the Ship Repair Division of Fujian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry’s Mawei Shipbuilding, was successfully completed.

The “Haifeng 3001” was originally an offshore supply vessel with unlimited navigation area, adopting conventional power full slewing propulsion and DP2 power positioning capability to meet the requirement of special purpose vessel with a crew of 50 persons, and is a double-bottomed, double-hulled, single-decked, fully welded steel vessel. It is a double bottom, double hull, single deck, fully welded steel vessel. The vessel was mainly used for supplying fresh water, drilling water, fuel oil, mud/brine, bulk materials and carrying deck cargoes, etc. The vessel is classed by CCS Classification Society.

The renovation project is oriented to the market demand of offshore wind power operation vessels, the introduction of high-end ships in the field of offshore industry for innovative renovation will effectively solve the domestic offshore wind power operation and maintenance mode of the ship’s adaptability is not strong, the safety risk is big, the comfort of the personnel is poor, the operation and maintenance of the response is not timely, the operation and maintenance of the lack of function, the operation and maintenance of the efficiency of the low and other problems.
After the transformation, the vessel will become a multifunctional offshore wind power operation and maintenance ship with the ability of offshore wind turbine operation and maintenance, cable laying and cable repair.

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